What is Jerusalem Connection?

We're a non-profit organization providing Shabbat hospitality, classes in the inner dimensions of Torah, campus and new immigrant outreach programs, field trips all over Israel, and world-wide seminars and counseling.

Among other things, we aim to reveal the Jewish spiritual face of Israel to those who have passed the first stage of exposure to Israel either through Birthright or any other introductory trip to the Holy Land.

Who is Jerusalem Connection?

Jerusalem Connection is an organization of a network of people who have been here for awhile and who want to share with others some of what we have gained, in both the spiritual and physical realms. At the helm of Jerusalem Connection is Rabbi David Sterne, who in addition to rabbinical ordination from both Chabad Lubavitch and the Israeli rabbinate, holds a degrees in biology (B.A.) and counselling (M.Sc). But most important of all, he has spent much of his last twenty-five years in Jerusalem and made it his life's work to help people. In those twenty years, he has found some of the least-known and highest quality people and information in Israel, and he wants to share it with others.

Other than that, we're a bunch of new immigrants from America, Argentina, UK, Australia, France, South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, Holland, Mexico, etc, who like to do Shabbat together, see the land of Israel together, learn the secrets of the Torah together, and aid and counsel other Jews coming to visit and learn in the Land of Israel.

Why Jerusalem Connection?

Well, when you get here, you'll understand. There are so many talented, amazing, beautiful people visiting and moving here, with so many spiritual and creative opportunities, in such a pressure cooker of a country, that if someone doesn't undertake to explain, guide, reveal information, etc, without an agenda, everyone just has to stumble into it on their own. That way is slow and uncertain. We'd like to make it a little quicker and easier.

How Jerusalem Connection?

Jerusalem Connection survives and operates on private donations. Somebody has to replenish the fuel, it doesn't go by itself. If you want to be one of the lucky ones to help us, see our "personal involvement" section.

Where is Jerusalem Connection?


We are wherever there is a Jew, whose heart is with Israel, who would like to share and take in what's going on here. We're located in the old city of Jerusalem, in the square, at Rehov Hamekubalim 3/5.

Our headquarters are in New York City's Upper West Side (155 W. 71 St). Jerusalem Connection provides advice, educates people and organizes events all over the world.

You can reach us at jerconn@netvision.net.il

Tel/Fax:  02 627-1283
Snail Mail:  POB 28186, Jerusalem, Israel
website:  www.jerusalemconnection.org

When is Jerusalem Connection?

For counselling, whenever you make an appointment, best done by phone; (02) 627-1283. For classes, usually on weekday evenings at 7:00 PM, but call to make sure. Call also for Shabbat hospitality.


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