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Holy Emanations


This section is for the spiritual journey-man, or woman. For many in our generation, it is not enough to run our lives according to "dos" and "don'ts." We want to know "why," and we want to know "how." Some people may learn Judaism only according to the "dos" and "don'ts," without considering the underlying structure and secret tradition. For them, it is sufficient to just do as they are told.

But, for the rest of us, we may question how the world was created, what are different kinds and levels of Jewish spirituality, and how we might experience them. If you have such questions, as well as others such as, "How can an infinite G-d create a finite world," or "How can there be only one G-d if He has so many names," then this section is for you. Jewish learning leaves no question unanswered. Judaism requires that we use Chabad - our intellectual faculties, to investigate the spiritual world. If you've gotten this far, and you are still in Israel or have made a recent trip, you deserve some answers. Here we go...