Lithuanian Yeshivas

These are the yeshivas which never accepted the Chassidic doctrine, as promulgated by the Baal Shem Tov and his followers such as the Chabad movement. Such yeshivas emphasize only the study of the Talmud and Halacha (Jewish law). Most of these yeshivas were historically located in Lithuania, which was where the Vilna Gaon lived and taught; hence, the name "Lithuanian" yeshivas. Among them are also yeshivas which accepted the "musar movement," which was a movement among yeshiva students instituted in the 1800's to practice intesne work upon one's personality and actions, but without the use of the secret dimension of the Torah.

Yeshivat Aish HaTorah
The largest English-spearking Yeshiva in the Old City, with 80-100 students, Aish HaTorah caters to the student who wants learning with outreach. Through their "Aleynu" program, Aish offers insightful 2 1/2-day seminars by the name of "Discovery," as well as the month-long "Essentials" and other programs. Call them at (02) 628-5666.

EYAHT (Aish HaTorah's Girls' Yeshiva)
Under the tutelage of Rebbetzin Weinberg, (but without any connection to Aish HaTorah men's yeshiva). A small school with an intimate atmosphere, and the girls are close to Rebbetzin Weinberg. Call (02) 538-2522, (02) 537-2409. Located on Imrei Bina St. #22, Jerusalem.

Yeshivat Ohr Sameach
A large yeshiva (approximately 150 students), in the Lithuanian style, Ohr Sameach also sponsors an excellent on-going series of outreach lectures by famous teachers, such as R' Gottlieb. Located on Rehov Shimon HaTzadik 22, at (02) 532-2249, (02) 581-0315; (02) 581-2890 (fax).

Nevei Yerushalayim
A large women's yeshiva, located in Har Nof, in the Lithuanian Beit Yakov style. A "sister-school" to Ohr Sameach. Call (02) 651-9276.

Davar Yerushalyim
A pioneer ba'al tshuva yeshiva with a long history under Rabbi Horowitz, now in new premises in Har Nof, Katznellenbogen St. #53, (02) 652-2817, (02) 652-2827 (fax).

Bircas Ha'Torah
A thriving and growing Litvish yeshiva for the mature and self-motivated students, as well as for beginners. Under the leadership of R' Shimon Green, the yeshiva is located at #4 Ohr Hachaim Street, next to the men's Heritage House. Contact R'Gershon Byrd, at (02) 627-7068 for information and admissions.

Shalom Rav and Sha'arei Bina Women's Center
A yeshiva for men under R'Rafael Weingot (58 Chatam Sofer St.) and for women under Mrs. Tova Weingot (63 Chatam Sofer St.) in the Old City of Tsfat. Tel/Fax (06) 697-3172 or Tel. (06) 697-1050.

Machon Shlomo
A two-year program for professionals and college youth who want a Torah education as well. Located in Har Nof, call (02) 651-9283. For registration in America call (860) 873-1431.

Yeshivas Ohr Avraham
A new yeshiva located on Ohr Sameach St #17 in Beit Shemesh, Ohr Avraham is headed by Rabbi Mordecai Sher. The yeshiva provides a warm, caring environment for late beginners and helps them to develop learning skills and excellence in Torah learning and Jewish outlook. Contact Rabbi Sher at (02) 992-4094, or at 0505-946-489, or visit the website at Email;

Yeshivat Orchot Chaim
A yeshiva in the Litvish tradition for late beginners, located in the Unzdorf section of Jerusalem, headed by Rabbis Yitzchak Schwartz and Yisroel Fabian. The yeshiva is under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Scheinberg and Rabbi Yakov Hillel. Contact the yeshiva at (02) 500-2408, fax (02) 500-2674, or visit the website at

A vibrant women's yeshiva under the tutelage of Rabanit Holly Pavlov, in Har Nof. Shearim, like Midreshet Rahel, defies categorization but helps the mature women find her own path within serious Torah learning. Located at Agasi St. #23, (02) 651-4240, (02) 651-8370 (fax).