Modern or Zionist Yeshivas

In the last fifty years or so, there has come into existence a third kind of yeshiva, usually described as "modern" or "Zionist," which promotes not only the learning of Talmud and Jewish law, but also attachment to and living in the land of Israel. In these yeshivas, there may be as much emphasis placed on living in Israel and joining the army as upon learning itself, although in others the Zionist philosophy is only the background. Hence, in addition to studying Talmud, an emphasis is placed on studying the texts of certain Jewish philosophers and mystics whose writings speak of the importance of Israel; i.e., the Rambam, the Maharal of Prague, the Kuzari, and Rav Kook (the first chief Rabbi of Israel, who was also a mystic and Zionist: he is usually thought of as the mentor of the modern Zionist yeshivas).

Yeshivat Darchei Noam (Shapell's)
Darchei Noam specializes in yeshiva education for American college students who don't necessarily fit into the "categories" of Lithuanian, Chassidic, or Modern. For the guy who just wants to learn. Medium sized at 70-80 students, located at Beit Hakerem St. #5, (02) 651-1178, (02) 652-0801 (fax).

Midreshet Rahel
A sister school for Darchei Noam, for American college women. Small, intimate, located at Givat Shaul St. #11B, (02) 654-0622, (02) 651-9183 (fax).

Machon Meir Institute for Jewish Studies
A large yeshiva for those interested in the relgious Zionist approach and way of life. Classes in Hebrew, English and other languages. Emphasis on both learning and settling the land of Israel. Located at #2 Ha-Meiri St. in Jerusalem, at (02) 651-1906, (02) 651-1987; (02) 651-4820 (fax).

A yeshiva, catering to women looking for some of the same intellectual challenges which face men in yeshiva -- Talmud and Jewish law. Nishmat also offers rigorous courses in all areas of Jewish study. For the mature, intellectual Jewess, under Rebbetzin Henkin, located in Bayit V'gan, #27 Rechov Michlin at (02) 642-1051, (02) 641-9752 (fax).

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