The Jews are a three part people. There are three kinds of Jews: the Priests (Cohanim), their assistants (Levites) and all the rest of the Jews.

Our Torah is a three part Torah. It is composed of the Torah (Five books of Moses), the Prophets, and the Writings (the five "scrolls").

And the Torah was given in three dimensions; in Space, in Time and in Soul. Space is a creation. The Torah operates in the dimension of space by giving us tasks (mitzvoth) to do on physical objects, that occupy space. We live in space so that we can elevate it. The goal is to permeate space with spirituality.

The way we do that is by exercising our Chabad - our chochma ("wisdom"), bina ("anaylytic understanding") and da'at ("visceral knowledge").  When we meditate properly on spiritual topics, the Chabad within us permeates not only our soul, but also the personal space surrounding us.