Here's an axiom for you. The most beautiful places in Israel are the places where the beautiful people are buried. The beautiful people are those who worekd on and refined themselves to the point where they had no physical or negative impulses left, and were therefore called "tzaddikim". Once their souls departed their bodies, they were no longer limited by time and space, and they are said to be able to intercede in the right places for those of us who, thank G-d, are still souls in bodies. Since we (most of us, anyways) still have a lot of work to do to, using our faculties of
Chabad to refine ourselves and transform our physical natures and not-so-great inclinations, it's a good idea to pay a visit to these tzaddikim, and request their help. This is not in place of praying to G-d ourselves, and which we must do every day. Rather, this is prayer to G-d in the place where the spiritual presence of the tzaddik is most keenly attached to his physical resting place. From there, we hope that the merit of the tzaddik will elevate our prayers for assistance and guidance relating to pertinent issues in oureveryday lives. In a sense, these tzaddikim never really died, because spiritually they're more alive than ever, ready to help us on our own spiritual journeys. And there's the additional plus that in their departure from their physical bodies, they seem to have found the most beautiful spots in Israel for their final resting places.

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