This is the name of the final resting place of Rebbi Yonatan ben Uziel. One of the greatest sages of the Talmud, he was said to study so intensely that when a bird flew over his head, it would evaporate into thin air. He was so dedicated to Torah study that he never married, claiming that Torah was his only occupation. But before passing away, he announced that anyone coming to his tomb to pray in order to find their soulmate in marriage would be answered. Tradition has it that they are answered within a year. The tomb was once a pristine little shrine in the middle of a verdant valley, but in recent years it has become somewhat built up, with a larger shrine and a parking lot. To get there, take the road out of Tzfat, straight up the hill in a northerly direction until you get to the top. There, you will find a fork in the road in which you can go right to an army base, left to a moshav, and diagonally in the direction of the tomb. Take the diagonal road, and follow the signs to the tomb. Under proper weather conditions, this is a lovely two-hour, downhill hike. Amuka literally means "depths," or valley, and the downside of walking down into the vally that you may have to walk out again, unless you find a ride on the way out.

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