Anyone who goes through the week running after the almighty dollar or shekel can appreciate that it's good to have a day off. However, there are many different ways of taking a day off. One is to stop, rest, and do nothing. Another is to involve ourselves in neutral activities, such as gardening and sports that rest and relax the body and mind. A third way - the way of Shabbat - is called "re-creation." When we throw ourselves into Jewish spirituality, by actively pursuing prayer and meditation, we "re-create" ourselves and the world once a week. By leaving the mundane realm behind for twenty-four hours, we become a partner in the re-creation of the universe. When we return to the mundane world again after this twenty-four hour hiatus, we are like new people. Israel is full of people who keep and enjoy Shabbat. Many of them are hospitable and enjoy having guests over for Shabbat meals. Shabbat is the epitome of Jewish spirituality and it will uplift your entire week. The best way to take advantage of this experience is by joining us at Jerusalem Connection or going to a family for meals. Another way is by contacting Chabad Lubavitch in your area through their website, Wherever you are and wherever you would like to be for Shabbat, we can help you do this. On this, and each of the other components in this booklet, read on!

Jerusalem - For Shabbat and holiday meals here in the old city itself, please feel free to call us at (02) 627-1283. We are unable to host all of those who contact us; but if not, we will do the best we can to refer you to a family or to someone who can help.  Please call as early in the week as possible, because that gives us the greatest probability of being able to help you. 

Hebron - For a Shabbat visit in the heart of Hebron, call the Avraham Avinu Hospitality Center at (02) 996-5333 or the Chabad shaliach, R’ Danny Cohen, at (02) 996-0770.

Tiberias - If you find yourself desirous of a Shabbat in this beautiful city, call Rabbi Kramer, at (04) 672-1080.

Tzfat - For Shabbat hospitality, call R' Chaim Clorfene, at (04) 697-2533, and he'll help you get organized.

Shomron (Samaria) - For Shabbat hospitality on Alon Moreh, call the Richter family, at (02) 997-3078.

Yehuda (Judea) - Shabbat hospitality at Bat Ayin, call Rabbi Greenberg at (02) 993-2829, or the yeshiva students at (02) 993-3223, or Mrs. Siegelbaum at (02) 993-2642.

Golan Heights - For a lovely Shabbat, call the Bar-Horin family in Nov, at (04) 676-3579, or the Peli's in Keshet at (04) 696-0509, or the Epstein family in Keshet at (04) 696-0537, or the Yarem family, also in Keshet, at (04) 696-0579.