in the original printed edition of Kuntres Ha'avoda)

Kuntres Ha'avoda

Chapter 1

Prayer is about uniting the G-dly soul with G-d, as well as purifying the animal soul. Both take place through [the medium of] love of G-d. Service of [the various levels of the soul] nefesh, ruach, neshama and chaya . The inclusion of nefesh in ruach, and both of them in neshama, and all of them in the essence of the soul. Acknowledgment of G-d, within the avoda of the emotions and of the intellect. Kavana (intention) and speech within prayer.

Chapter 2

Eyesight and [the necessity of] guarding it. Guarding the senses. Acceptance of the yoke of G-d, fear of transgression, fear of G-d. The reasons for foreign (un-spiritual) thoughts. The nature of weakness of the G-dly soul, and advice for dealing with it.

Chapter 3

Factors that bring about fear of G-d. Love of G-d does not occur naturally from birth, but fear does. Love is associated with revealed spirituality, fear with the essenceof G-dliness. Dimensions of fear - fear that is inferior to the service of prayer, and fear that surpasses prayer.

Chapter 4

Love like water, love like flames of fire, and their various aspects. The meditation associated with each of them. Their effect upon the animal soul, whether weakness or nullification. Love versus tshuva (return to G-d). Meaning of offering the "fat and blood" in service of G-d.

Chapter 5

The will of the [soul level of] yechida. And of chaya. Love that is dependent upon something, and two kinds of love that are not dependent on anything. The effect of the chaya and yechida upon the animal soul. Whether or not mesirat nefesh ( self-sacrifice) is associated with the natural soul. The spiritual arousal of the ten days of tshuva , and one's service during the course of the year.

Chapter 6

Generalmeditation, its effects and its drawbacks. "Engraving" from the outside, "engraving" from the inside. The reasons for indifference that may occur after initial meditative excitement. Everyone has their particular character trait(s) to rectify.

Chapter 7

Service that surpasses one's true spiritual level. Spiritual excitement detached from the animal soul, and how it comes about. Step-by-step avoda The generation of Jews that wandered in the desert, and those that entered the land of Israel, and what we have to learn from them.

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