Jewish Organizations

Office hours are usually between 8 am-2 pm; different office hours are duly noted.


Magyarországi Zsidó Hitközségek Szövetsége

Budapest Zsidó Hitközség

(Alliance of the Jewish Communities of Hungary and Budapest Jewish Community)

VII. Síp utca 12, 1075 Budapest, Tel.: (36-1) 342-1335, Fax: (36-1) 342-1790.


Országos Zsidó Levéltár - (National Jewish Archives)

VII. Dohány utca 2., 1075 Budapest


Magyarországi Autonóm Orthodox Izraelita Hitközség

(Autonomous Orthodox Community of Hungary)

VII. Dob utca 35, 1074 Budapest, Tel.: (36-1) 351-0525, 351-0534, Fax: (36-1) 322-7200

Rabbinate: Tel.: (36-1) 342-2323, Rabbi: Hoffmann Áron



Shas Chevra, Lubavits

Vasvári Pál utca 5.

VI. Inner district

Budapest, 1061 HUNGARY

Phone: 361-342-1328

Fax: 361-142-7876

Rabbi: Baruch Oberländer




Lubavitch of Hungary

Wesselenyi Utca 4

Budapest, 1075 HUNGARY

Tel: 36-1-268-0183

Fax: 36-1-342-7876

Rabbi Boruch Oberlander


II. Frankel Leó út 49.

Buda district

Tel.: (36-1) 212-4387

Rabbi: Dr. Singer Ödön

1888, Eclectic, pseudo-Gothic style


VI. Hunyadi tér 3

VI. Outer district

Rabbi: Dr. Domán István

1890, (prayer house in an apartment block)


VII. Jósika utca 6. (Orthodox)

Rabbi: Salom Süsskind


VII. Doh£ny utca 2.

One of the world’s largest synagogues

1859, Romantic, Moorish style


VII. Kazinczy utca 27. (Orthodox)

VII. Dob utca 35

Tel.: (36-1) 351-0525

Rabbi: Hoffman Áron

Budapest Orthodox Community

1913, pre-Modern, stylized


VII. István út 17. (Bethlen tér)

Erzsébetváros district

Tel.: (36-1) 342-6170

Rabbi: Deutsch Róbert



VIII. Nagyfuvaros utca 4

Józsefváros district

Tel.: (36-1) 334-2731

Rabbi: Deutsch László

1922, Art Déco


IX. Páva utca 39

Ferencváros district

Tel.: (36-1) 215-2796

1924, Eclectic


XIII. Dózsa György út 55

Angyalföld district


XIII. Visegrádi utca 3. (Orthodox)


Bét Áháron

XIV. Thököly út 83

Zugló district

Tel.: (36-1) 251-3970

Rabbi: Kardos Péter



IV. Berzeviczy utca 8. (Újpest)

Újpest district

Tel.: (36-1) 169-0829

Rabbi: Deutsch László

1886, Romantic style


VI. Dessewffy utca 23. (Orthodox)

Tel.: (36-1) 142-2353

1870, Eclectic style


XII. Budakeszi út 48

Synagogue of the Lauder Yavne Jewish Community School


Hősök zsinagógája (Heroes’ synagogue)

VII. Wesselényi u. 5.

VII. Inner district

Office: VII. Síp u. 12

Tel.: (36-1) 142-2325

Rabbi: Fröhlich Róbert

1931, modern structure with a cupola


VII. Wesselényi utca 44

Synagogue of the American Foundation School


VIII. József körút 27

Synagogue of the National Rabbinical Seminary

Tel.: (36-1) 134-2121

Rabbi: Dr. Schweitzer József

1877, Eclectic


VIII. Teleki tér 22 (Sephardic)

(prayer house in the courtyard of an apartment house)


XI. Károli Gáspár tér 5. (Lágymányos)

Tel.: (36-1) 145-0965


Bét Smuél

XIII. Hegedűs Gyula utca 3

Újlipótváros district

Tel.: (36-1) 111-3085

Rabbi: Lőwy Tamás

Office: XIII. Szent István körút 22

at the corner of Katona József utca and Váci út

1927, Eclectic, incorporated into an apartment house


XIX. Báthori utca 34. (Kispest)

Kispest district

Tel.: (36-1) 147-0950

Office: XIX. József Attila utca 71


VII. Kazinczy utca 16.

Tel.: (36-1) 118-9224

The only ritual bath in Budapest




King’s Hotel and Restaurant

VII. Nagydiófa utca 27-29.

1072 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 267-9324, 267-9325, 267-9326

Orthodox kosher.


Carmel Pince (Carmel Cellar)?

VII. Dob utca 31.

1072 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 322-1834

Fax: (36-1) 342-4585

Air-conditioned restaurant near the Orthodox synagogue. A wide range of Hungarian and international dishes, as well as traditional Jewish dishes.

Open: 12-23 every day



Hanna Étterem (Hanna’s Restaurant)

VII. Dob utca 35

1072 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 142-1464, 142-1072

Open 8-16, including Friday evenings and Saturday

Pre-ordering: 8-12

Orthodox kosher


Falafel faloda salátabár

 (Falafel Salad Bar)

VI. Paulay Ede utca 53

1061 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 267-9567


Falafel Joffi

VI. Desewffy utca

1066 Budapest

Orders: Beck Tamás Tel.: (36-1) 267-9567



Lucullus BT Party Service

VI. Révay utca 16

1065 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 111-9214 

Full catering service for family and social events, either in the Bálint Jewish Community Centre, in the synagogue districts or at home.

Orders: Szórádi András Tel.: (36-1) 252-2204



Rothschild Kóser Élelmiszerek Boltja

(Rotschild Kosher Foodstore)

VII. Rákóczi út 32. (from Nyár utca)

1072 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 322-9276

Open: Mon. to Thurs: 10-18, Fri.: 10-14


Kóser borpince

(Kosher wine cellar)

VII. Klauzál tér 16

1072 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 322-6898

Open: Mon. to Thurs 14.30-17, Fri.: 11.30-14.30

Orthodox kosher.



Orthodox baromfi és kenyérbolt

(Orthodox poultry store and bakery)

VII. Kazinczy utca 28.

1075 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 142-0231

Open: Mon., Wed., Fri: 7-12



King's Hotel

Nagydiofa Utca 25-27

Budapest 1074

Tel:(36) 267-9324




Orthodox baromfi és kenyérbolt

(Orthodox poultry store and bakery)

VII. Kazinczy utca 28.

1075 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 142-0231

Open: Mon., Wed., Fri: 7-12

Poultry can be ordered in advance.



VII. Klauzál tér 11

1072 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 127-7803



Kővári-féle kolbászüzem és üzlet

(Kővári’s sausage factory and foodstore)

VII. Kazinczy utca 41

1075 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 142-1639

Orthodox kosher.



VII. Dob utca 35

1074 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 122-6620

Orthodox kosher.



XIII. Visegrádi utca 16

1132 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 132-0180

Orthodox kosher



VI. Eötvös utca 6.

1067 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 142-3277



Museum and cultural organizations


Zsidó Múzeum (Jewish Museum)

VII. Dohány utca 2

1075 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 342-0949

Open: 10-13, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 13-17


Maccabi judaica aj£nd←kbolt(Biblical World Gallery)

VII. Wesselényi utca 13.

1075 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 267-8502

The single Jewish arts gallery in Eastern Europe offers Judaica, antiquities, gift items, jewellery from Israel, as well as new and second-hand Jewish books and music casettes and CDs. Exhibitions of contemporary Jewish artists are mounted regularly.

Open): Mon.-Thu.: 10-18, Fri: 10-14


Magyar Zsidó Kulturális Egyesület (MAZSIKE)

(Federation to Maintain Jewish Culture in Hungary)

Main office: VI. Révay utca 16

1065 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 111-6666, 111-9214

Fax: (36-1) 111-6666

Club: VII. Garay utca 48.

1076 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 342-6168, 342-6924

Organized activities: Walking tour of Jewish sights and monuments, one Sunday a month, Day of Jewish Culture during the Budapest Spring festival


Magyar Zsidó Kulturális Egyesület Klubjai

(Clubs of the Federation to Maintain Jewish Culture in Hungary)

Address): VII. Garay utca 48.

1076 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 342-6168

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 15-18



Ribáry Színpad (Ribáry Theatre)

VII. Wesselényi utca 7

1077 Budapest

Jewish actors and performers who were banned from the stage by the racial laws during World War II performed at this theatre. The new theatre was founded by both former and young actors.


Goldmark Kórus (Goldmark Choir)

 VIII. József körút 27

1085 Budapest


Anna Frank Kórus

VIII. Rökk Szilárd utca 26.

1085 Budapest


Bethlen téri zsinagóga gyerekkórusa

(Children’s choir of the Bethlen tér synagogue)

Address: VII. István utca 17.

1078 Budapest


Szenes Chana emlékkórus

(Szenes Chana Memorial Choir)

Address): VII. Síp utca 12.

1075 Budapest



(Javne Children Theatre)

Address: XII. Budakeszi út 48.

1121 Budapest

Children's theatre of the Lauder Yavne Jewish Community School, also plays in Budapest theatres



XII. Budakeszi út 48.

1121 Budapest

The youth orchestra of the Lauder Yavne Jewish Community School, playing Sephardic music

Jewish monuments and sights in Budapest (Tourism)

Hősök temetője (Heroes’ cemetery)

Those who died under the German occupation in the ghetto were buried here.


Ghetto memorial

The remains of a wall, representing the ghetto wall.


Karl Lutz memorial

At the corner of Dob utca and Rumbach utca

Karl Lutz, the Swiss consul during the German occupation and the Arrow-Cross rule, saved many thousands of people by providing them with Swiss safe-conduct passes and by placing them in ‘protected houses’


Memorial plaques honouring Ignac Goldziher and Sámuel Kohn

VII. Holló utca 4

Ignác Goldziher (1850-1921), the distinguished Orientalist, and Sámuel Kohn (1841-1920), the renowned historian and the chief rabbi of the Pest Israelite Community, had both lived in this house.


Ghetto memorial plaque

VII. Wesselényi utca 44

On the wall of the American Foundation School.


Former Jewish Apprentice Home

VII. Damjanich utca 48.

A laboratory for aptitude tests was created in 1927 in the apprentice home of MIKÉFE (Hungarian Israelite Crafts and Agricultural Association).


Volt imaház (Former prayer house)

VII. Garay utca 48.

Formerly an Orthodox prayer house, the building now houses the clubs run by the Federation to Maintain Jewish Culture in Hungary


Hungarian National Museum

VIII. Múzeum körút 14-16

Original Jewish tombstones from the Roman period (copies in the Jewish Museum).


Former synagogue

XIII. Dózsa György út 55.

The former synagogue has been transformed into a sports hall. The small building beside it now functions as a synagogue.


Headquarters of the Habonim Dror Zionist youth movement

XIV. Jávorka Ádám utca 15.

The meeting hall of the synagogue that was destroyed during the war functioned as a prayer house after the war; it currently houses the headquarters of the Zionist youth movement.


Vizafogó memorial plaque and Mauthausen memorial

XIII. Újpesti rakpart

The memorial plaque evokes the memory of the many hundreds of Jews who were shot into the Danube during the Arrow Cross reign of terror. A copy of Makrisz Agamennon’s memorial commemorating the victims who perished at Mauthausen has also been set up here



Holocaust Memorial of the Emanuek Foundation

The leaves of the weeping willow, made by the sculptor Imre Varga, bear the names of the victims of the Holocaust.


Memorial plaques

Several memorial plaques can be seen in the cemetery, as well as on the walls of the community building and the Jewish Museum: these include a plaque marking the site of the house where Theodor Herzl was born, a plaque commemorating the liberation of the ghetto, and a memorial plaque for Hanna Szenes, the Israeli national heroine


Magyar Zsidóság Háza

The House of Hungarian Jewry

VII. Síp utca 12


Memorial plaque honouring Jewish resistance fighters who were executed

VII. Kazinczy utca 32


Great synagogue of the former Status Quo movement

VII. Rumbach Sebestyén utca 11-13

The only building planned in Hungary by the renowned Viennese architect, Otto Wagner

1872, Romantic, Moorish styles


"Üvegház" (‘Glass House’)

V. Vadász utca 29.

3000 people found refuge here, under the protection of the Swiss embassy and the Zionist resistance movement.


Hungarian Academy of Sciences

V. Roosevelt tér 9.

The Oriental Collection of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences includes valuable Judaica too. The famed Kaufmann collection is also housed here.


Memorial plaque in honour of Raoul Wallenberg

The Secretary of the Swedish embassy displayed superhuman courage in his efforst to save the Jews persecuted during the war. He saved several thousand lives; after the liberation he was taken prisoner by the Soviet Army, and disappeared.


Former matzoh bakery

XIII. Tüzér utca 26.

Matzoh for the Passover is still baked here, under strict ritual supervision.


Holocaust memorial plaque

XIII. Vág utca 30.


Martyrs’ Memorial Wall

IV. Berzeviczy utca 8.

Large relief on the wall of the Újpest synagogue


Synagogues in outlying districts

Kőbányai sinagogue

X. Cserkesz utca 7-9.

Currently a rehabilitation centre for alcoholics and drug patients run by a Christian organization.


Pestlőrinc synagogue

XVIII. Batthányi utca 80.

Ma raktár. Currently a warehouse.


Rákospalota synagogue

XV. Fóti út 77.

Currently a warehouse for books.


Rákoshegy synagogue

XX. Paray utca 6.

Abandoned building


Cemeteries and memorials in outlying districts of Budapest

XV. Szentmihályi út (Rákospalota)

XVI. Rozsos utca (Rákosszentmihály)

XV. Pesti határ út (Mátyásföld)

XVIII. Napkelet köz (Rákoshegy)

XVIII. Sallai utca 113 (Pestlőrinc)

XX. Temető utca (Pesterzsébet)

XV. Bártfa utca 27. (Kisszentmihály)

XVI. Szabadföldi út (Cinkota)

XVIII. Bárfai utca (Rákosliget)

XVIII. Göcsej út (Rákoscsaba)

XIX. Temető utca 6 (Kispest)

XXI. kerület, II. Rákóczi Ferenc utca (Csepel)



medieval synagogue in Buda Castle

I. Táncsics Mihály utca 26.

The medieval synagogue of Buda was uncovered in the course of archaeological investigations in 1964. One part currently houses a museum, with an exhibit of Jewish relics and gravestones, the other part was reburied.

summer: Tues. to Fri: 10-14, Sat.-Sun.: 10-18


Budapest Historical Museum

I. Szent György tér 2.

Two 13th century red marble tombstones.


Former Orthodox sanatorium

XII. Városmajor utca 64-66.


Lágymányos synagogue

XI. Bocskai út 37.

Currently houses the TIT studio.


Memorial stone on the site of the former Óbuda brick factory

III. Bécsi út 134.

Under the Arrow-Cross reign of terror, the death marches to Germany started from this site.


Nagytétény synagogue

XXII. Nagytétényi út 283.

Currently houses a library.


Memorial plaque

I. Gyorskocsi utca 25.

A plaque on the former Gestapo prison commemorating the victims.


Raoult Wallenberg memorial

II. Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor


Former hospital of the Buda Chevra Kadisha

XII. Maros utca 16.

On January 14, 1945, the Arrow Cross murdered the patients, the doctors and the nurses of the hospital. The building currently houses a clinic.


Óbuda synagogue

III. Lajos utca 163.

1821, klasszicista (Classicist)

Óbuda (Old Buda) had a distinguished and prominent Jewish community in the 18th century. The first secular school in Hungary was founded by this community in 1784. The synagogue currently houses a television studio.


Aquincum Museum

III. Szentendrei út 139.


Cemeteries in outlying districts of Buda

XXII. Koltói Anna utca (Nagytétény)

XI. Temető utca 8. (Budafok) (in the Catholic cemetery)


Restaurants outside Budapest

Debrecen, 4025 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 26. (Jewish community).


Szeged, 6722 Jósika utca 12. (Jewish community).


Miskolc, 3225 Kazinczy utca 7. (Jewish community).


Balatonfüred, 8230 Liszt Ferenc utca 6. (resort).


Butchers outside Budapest

Debrecen, 4025 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 26. (Jewish community).



Debrecen, 4025 Pésti u. 4.

Orthodox kosher.


Miskolc, 3525 Kazinczy utca 7. (Jewish community).

Orthodox kosher.


Kosher bakery outside Budapest

Debrecen, 4025 Széchenyi u. 19.